We Apologize. The The Big Mike Memorial Run Website Has Been Taken Down For Now

Hello and thank you for your interest in the Big Mike Memorial Run Website. We apologize for the website page redirect, but the Big Mike Memorial website has been taken down for the time being. It was time for the Kerr Family to move on. For more information on what the Big Mike Memorial run was, see the link and excerpt below. To see what they are doing now click here.


From Fox8.com:

A celebration of life: ‘Big Mike’ motorcycle rally held in honor of organ donor

The Big Mike Memorial Motorcycle Run was held in honor of Michael Kerr, who died 10 years ago in a motorcycle accident.

Michael was an organ donor, and three of the people who received his organs were on hand to take part in the ride.

Tom Beadle got a new kidney from Michael. He says he’s doing pretty good these days.

The The Big Mike Memorial Run Website flyer
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