Mobilegeddon is a name given by webmasters and web-developers to the Google’s algorithm update of April 21, 2015. It is Google’s latest mobile algorithm, and basically means websites that upload easily on mobiles will get higher SEO rankings. This change has come at a time when the number of mobile users is increasing. Google has brought this update to offer the best online experience possible for users.

We’ve recently passed the half-year point following Mobilegeddon, which was Google’s greatest algorithm upgrade subsequent to any semblance of Panda and Penguin. The upgrade, which arrived on April 21st, hopes to downgrade search results for sites in mobile searches that don’t utilize a mobile friendly design.

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Q: When did Google released the mobile friendly algorithm?
A: The algorithm was launched on the scheduled date that was 21st of April, 2015.

Q: Who will be impacted with this update?
A: The update will only impact mobile searchers. Mobile-friendly websites will get a boost with Google’s mobile search results.

Q: Is the update going to affect desktop searchers?
A: No, the update will not affect desktop searchers. It will only impact searches done on smart-phones.

Q: How can I know if I have a mobile-friendly website?
A: The best way to know this is to take the “mobile-friendly test” (link). This tool will analyze the nature of your website and will show the result shortly. However, Google may take sometime to update its index.

Q: Was there a similar release by Google in 2013?
A: Yes, there was a release by Google for mobile ranking algorithm in 2013 but that was specific for core issues related to a mobile site.

Q: When did Google indicated any such update?
A: In December last year, Google signaled that it is exploring with a new mobile-friendly algorithm.

Q: On which basis Google’s mobile-friendly Algorithm works?
A: The mobile-friendly Algorithm works on page-by-page basis. Thus, mobile friendly web-pages are going to get benefit with the search result.

Q: Does this Algorithm runs on real-time?
A: Yes, the new updated Algorithm from Google runs on real-time unlike Panda and Penguin.

Q: How much time will Google take to pick up the changes that are made to a website to make it responsive?
A: The estimated time for Google to pick up change made on a website can range from few hours to 72 hours if everything is done correctly as per Google standard.

Q: Is this Algorithm going to affect the results for news and videos?
A: This Algorithm is not going to affect the results for news and videos made on this search engine. With this mobile-friendly update, only core search results will be impacted.

Q: Can a page be partially mobile friendly?
A: There is no such concept developed by Google, a page can only be mobile-friendly or not. It cannot be partially mobile friendly.

Q: Will the ranking of non mobile friendly website immediately drop after this update?
A: Google will take some time to roll out the update. It may take a few weeks. So, there will not be immediate dropping in the ranking of a website.

Q: How badly this update can affect the ranking of a non friendly mobile sites?
A: The exact static for this question cannot be revealed right now. This update from Google holds more importance than Panda and Penguin Algorithm and it can change more than 11% of the search results.

Q: If the speed of my mobile site is not fast but my desktop site is quick, will it have negative impact?
A: You should not worry about this, as desktop signals actually power the ranking of mobile sites.

Q: Will there be any impact on large brand or navigational related mobile query?
A: Large brands won’t get affected. If a person is looking for a large brand that has not got mobile friendly, Google is likely to rank the brand in top search results. Google emphasizes on relevancy and thus it will rank the page in the very first position.

Q: What are the common SEO mistakes for mobile sites?
A: There are a number of mistakes webmasters make when they go for mobile friendly.
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