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DLB Web Media Logo Design for Arnone Cafe and Food Truck

In 2002, twenty-two year old Michael Maghes spent six months in Florence on a study-abroad program. A fourth-generation Italian, it was the first time he’d visited his family’s homeland: “The art and architecture were more awe-inspiring than any picture or article—I know everyone says this, it’s bona fide—but it was in the air, breathing the history of it all and the daily interaction with the people, their graciousness and vitality, that instilled a drive, a new sense of pride in my heritage.” He immediately started asking himself how he could share his experience and love for the Italian culture with as many people Stateside (family, friends and strangers alike) as possible. A little over a year after returning to Ohio from Italy, Mr. Maghes would have his answer in the form of a mysterious letter, one which would impact his and his whole family’s life.

Logo dArnone Café samples white and black


food truck with arnone logo by dlb web media


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