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Choosing A Web Designer

The job of your web designer is to make sure that your business has a high-quality and optimized website that can generate profit for your business. Their expertise cannot be downplayed, that’s why there is a consistent demand for their service.
If you decide that it’s time to look for a professional to design or redesign your website, you may encounter a lot of agencies claiming to be “the best”. It can be a daunting task to choose one over the other, but if you know what to look for, you can ask the right questions and end up working with a good one.
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Things to look for and discuss with your frontrunners

Do they design Content Management Systems?

A content management system (CMS) is needed for your website. Otherwise, you will need a developer every now and then to make the necessary updates. Secondly, Google loves them. They were built for content marketing, one of the leading ways to effectively market your business. If the agency proposes static HTML, RUN!!! They should NOT RECOMMEND STATIC HTML. They should also know how to create responsive websites. Essentially, a responsive design will allow your message to be received the way you intended it to be. Responsive web design is not just a trend. It is essential if you want your website, to be optimized for every device, from small phones to the biggest desktops.

Customer-oriented design.

A reputable web design company does not use the same formula for every website they make. They focus on what each customer wants. At DLB, we listen. Our sole focus isn’t just designing great looking websites, we are more interested in creating an online solution for your business that drives revenue. You will be hard-pressed to find another agency that approaches your project from this angle. We take time to know more about our client’s business, targeted visitors, goals and other factors.

User experience.

Designing a website that looks good, and easy to use at the same time, is a hard and rewarding task, that all designers need to learn. A lot of developers think that the UX is their responsibility, but in a website, everything starts with the designer. A bunch of mistakes in design can be eliminated by simply thinking like your customer thinks.

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Check out some of the designer’s work. See if you can tell if they incorporate the correct:


Having some spaces in the website, in the right places could make all the difference. Every design needs to breathe. How can you expect your future customers to make the right choice if it’s cluttered with unnecessary info?


Colors could make or break your website not to mention that your color scheme is an expression of your business values. There are a lot of resources available online on how to choose the perfect colors for your business.


Typography is a huge field. People devote years of their lives to this ancient craft, and yet there’s always something new to learn. Choosing the right header fonts and body fonts can be challenging, but it’s worth the trouble. Getting it wrong can prove to be fatal.

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