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How to choose the best web design agency for your business

The job of your web designer is to make sure that your business has a high-quality and optimized website that can generate profit for your business. Their expertise cannot be downplayed, that’s why there is a consistent demand for their service. If you...


WHAT IS RESPONSIVE DESIGN?: Crafting a website to be viewable across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors, to mobile phones and tablets WHY YOU NEED A RESPONSIVE WEBSITE! Popularity of the mobile internet! According to studies, about 40% of the...


Tired of passing out and missing your favorite Netflix episodes? Just in time for Christmas: NETFLIX SOCKS. Yes apparently falling asleep during your binge-watching of "The L word" is a real threat. So Netflix has attempted to solve the issue by giving out detailed...

What is “MobileGeddon”? – Why it affects your website

Mobilegeddon is a name given by webmasters and web-developers to the Google's algorithm update of April 21, 2015. It is Google’s latest mobile algorithm, and basically means websites that upload easily on mobiles will get higher SEO rankings. This change has come at a...

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